Month: October 2017

The importance of spending time with kids can never be told enough. Kids grow up way faster than we anticipate. Often parents are left wondering, how the kids grew up this fast! They also worry about the kids not talking to them enough or not taking the least consideration for their words. But the root cause for this problem is nothing other than the fact that the parents didn’t spend enough time with their children when they were little.

Kids’ role models

From the time a child is born until about the age of 10, most kids find their parents to be the super heroes and their role models. This thought though doesn’t last for long. So you need to be very careful in ensuring that they have the best role model to follow. So the first thing you need to do is to be present there. This is especially true for those working parents. Who rarely have time to spend some time with their kids! Which is indeed a very sad situation as the kids should get as much attention and love from their parents as possible.

They depend on their parents

All kids are totally dependent on their parents. Whether it is financial or emotional, they are totally dependent on their parents for the support. No matter how big they grow they will be ready to listen to you, if you listened to them when they were small. When the girls pyjamas are worn, don’t think they are ready to go to sleep. In fact it is then that they want to start the conversation. The little gentlemen will be most often satisfied with a few sentences but for the ladies it is very important that you chat with them for long periods!

Action is the best teacher

If you want your kids to behave in a certain manner, you should behave in that way first. For instance to get the little men to wear pyjamas before going to bed you need to get into your own just before bedtime. If you want them to clean up after themselves then you need to show them how you clean up after yourself in every action. Like let’s say you just had your meal, then you should always pick up any of the food that you spilt and put it into the dustbin and wash the plate off well.


You are their guiding light. And if you want them to be responsible and grown up to be excellent in their ways and manners then you should always be there to guide them. Most of the kids although they grow up physically, they don’t grow as much emotionally. And will therefore be needing that guidance in all aspects of their lives.