The Most Popular Beard Styles Of This Year

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As times change, fashion takes an evolutionary step forward too. Over the years there has been more than hundreds of different beard styles for men, each more different than the last. This evolution of beards has continued on to this day and now we see men sporting many new trends that has come out just this year. However, even though you have the option of choosing a beard style from over a hundred different styles, you must first make sure that what you choose compliments your face and your overall look as a whole. Not all beards can make us look good all the time. Here are some top beard styles that have become vastly popular in the year.

A bandholz
To get a beard to be styles in a bandholz way, you need to be very patient as it can take up to months to get it perfected. It is a beard style of a rather bushy beard with a matching bushy mustache as well. While growing your beard this way you will first realize you look unkempt and a bit messy as well, but it is dedication towards getting this beard style. You will also need to be really patient and not set a finger on your razors either. Once you perfect this beard, you must keep in mind to use beard care products Australia on your beard so that you can keep your beard healthy just as it looks good.

Full beard
This is also a beard style that takes months. Sometimes weeks to achieve depending on the rate of your facial hair growth. You need to trim your beard for around six weeks, but make sure you only shape it around your face instead of cutting it all off. The shaping is the most important part of this style. You can also grow your mustache along with this but it is not completely necessary. Try to buy beard oil once you grow a full beard because maintaining your full beard is just as important as growing it.

A van dyke
This beard style is quite easy compared to the last two. You first need to shave all the hair on your cheeks, chin and under your nose as well along with sideburns. Once your clean shaven, start letting your mustache grow until it becomes slightly bushy and curly. Don’t let your sideburns grow, keep them shaven but let your beard grow slightly to create a small goatee like beard. Then shave the hair on your chin to look like a “T” shape and keep trimming your beard to not let it overgrow.

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